22 December 2009

Winter Scene

Today I finished this painting of a winter scene. Most probably this is my last winter painting before Christmas.

Wish you all happy holydays and a peaceful, healthy and successful New Year!

Schminke watercolor on Hahnemühle 425 g/qm  watercolor paper
9,4 " x 12,6 " (24 x 32 cm)

17 December 2009


Drawing is the hardest thing for me, but essentially for building up good paintings (I mean). I often draw, but most of my results are only scetches. Tried to draw a little more detailed and with more attention to light and shadow in this two I finished today.

Lighthouse, 8" x 10" on watercolor paper

Blossoms, 9,5" x 11" on drawing paper

03 December 2009

The Fortress

Another painting about winter and snow was coming out of my brush at another sleepless night. It's showing a  German fortress surrounded by a protective body of water, apparently build up in the 13th century.

Watercolor 6" x 8"

02 December 2009

Four further mini paintings, called ACEO

The show must go on!
Nightwork as usual, I love to paint when everybody's sleeping.

I'll tell you a secret. Most of my minis are copies from famous deceased painters. Some of them show only a small detail. Please leave your comment when you identify one of them.

Here are the next four ACEO