30 December 2010

'Ordnung muss sein' oder 'Der Rest von 2010' Teil 1

Nach dem ich heute meine Fotoalben durchsucht habe, fielen mir einige Bilder auf, die ich Euch hier noch gar nicht gezeigt habe.  Durch Anklicken der Bilder werdet Ihr direkt zum Album weitergeleitet und könnt sie dort auch größer sehen.

Viel Spaß beim Anschauen!

Fortsetzung folgt...

26 December 2010

Mal eine Frage...

Wann ist Weihnachten?
Jedes Mal, wenn zwei Menschen einander verzeihen,
ist Weihnachten.
Jedes Mal, wenn ihr Verständnis zeigt für eure Kinder,
ist Weihnachten.
Jedes Mal, wenn ihr einem Menschen helft,
ist Weihnachten.
Jedes Mal, wenn man beschließt ehrlich zu leben,
ist Weihnachten.
Jedes Mal, wenn ein Kind geboren wird,
ist Weihnachten.
Jedes Mal, wenn du versuchst
deinem Leben einen neuen Sinn zu geben,
ist Weihnachten.
Jedes Mal, wenn ihr einander anseht mit den Augen
des Herzens, mit einem Lächeln auf den Lippen,
ist Weihnachten.
Denn es ist geboren die Liebe
Denn es ist geboren der Friede.
Denn es ist geboren die Gerechtigkeit.
Denn es ist geboren die Hoffnung.
Denn es ist geboren die Freude.
Denn es ist geboren Christus, der Herr.
Aus Brasilien

22 December 2010

Winter in Germany

Letzten Samstag haben wir bei herrlichem Wetter einen ausgedehnten Spaziergang durch unsere verschneite Landschaft gemacht und dabei einige Fotos aufgenommen. Daraus ist heute dieses Aquarell entstanden.

Ich wünsche Euch allen wunderbare Feiertage und ein gesundes, glückliches und erfolgreiches 2011! 

Last Saturday we made in fabulous weather, a long walk through our snowy landscape and took some photos. Therefrom today I created this watercolor.

Wishing you all  a wondeful holiday season and a healthy, happy and successful 2011!


13 December 2010

Cottage at Kilrush Road, County Clare, Ireland

Virtual Paintout Dezember 2010: County Clare, Ireland

Clare  ist eine der 26 Grafschaften Irlands. Der Name der Grafschaft leitet sich vom irischen Wort Clár (Planke) ab. Im 12. Jahrhundert gab es einen Übergang aus Planken über den Fluss Fergus an der Stelle der heutigen Ortschaft Clarecastle. Dieser Flussübergang hatte zur damaligen Zeit eine relativ große Bedeutung, so dass daraus der Name für die ganze Gegend abgeleitet wurde.
Nach langer Suche mit Google Street View fand ich schließlich dieses Cottage am Rande von Kilrush. Die ungewöhnliche Farbgebung des Gebäudes und die große unbelaubte Eiche im Vordergrund waren mein Anreiz. Hoffe es gefällt!

Clare is one of the 26 counties of Ireland. The name of the county is derived from the Irish word Clár (plank) from. In the 12th Century there was a transition from planks over the River Fergus at the site of present-day town of Clare Castle. This river crossing at that time had a relatively high importance, so as to provide the name for the whole area was derived. (Wikipedia)
After a long search with Google Street View, I finally found this cottage on the outskirts of Kilrush. The unusual color of the building and the large leafless oak tree in the foreground was my incentive. Hope you enjoy!

'Cottage at Kilrush Road', watercolor 10 x 10 inch (25 x 25 cm)

09 November 2010

Rio - Thumbnail sketch

This month Rio de Janeiro's topic of the Virtual Paintout. Rio has so much diversity in its character it's hard to decide. I've saved a lot of screenshots on my hard drive...

May be, I'll finish this one in a watercolor I did a pencil sketch, anyway more than nothing.

 Pencil sketch Din A5

17 September 2010

Playing With Ink And Color

Applied the inklines first. Then wetted the paper completely and dropped in the colors. I love it, to let the colors flow. I love to watch them running over the paper and merge together. At this moments I would like to hold on the time. The wet paper with the wet color is the biggest thing!

'The Enchanted Forest' Ink + Watercolor, 6,5 x 6,5 " (16 x 16 cm)

11 September 2010

Landscape sketch

Today I took a few minutes to draw this small plain air in the landscape where I live. The morning sun was so wonderful that it was fun to sit there drawing.

The sketch shows tree trunks of our neighboring farmer , who's selling them for firewood.

Plein Air sketch with 2B pencil on DIN A5 sketchbook

05 September 2010

30 August 2010

Covehead Lighthouse

Another watercolor for the Virtual Paintout.

Schminke Horadam artists watercolors 
on Arches Grain Satiné hot pressed 
9 x 12 1/8 "

29 August 2010

Berna Escudero

A drawing I did after Robert Henri's wonderful painting. It took me 3 times to try before I was satisfied with the result.

Lead pencil drawing on Schöllershammer 190 g/qm DIN A3

Too bad, but I found no information  who Berna Escudero was. I was fascinated on her expression that for me is a mixture of pride and disdain. Her look is childlike and in an adult manner, it's telling a story...

06 August 2010

Roman Catholic Church, St. Peters Bay, Canada

Today I finished this painting for the Virtual Paintout.
It shows the Roman Catholic Church of St. Peters Bay Prince Edward Island, Canada, the paintout for August.

 Watercolor, 30 x 30 cm (11,8 x 11,8"). 


03 August 2010

An old barn and our cathedral 'Siegtaldom'

"Old Barn" DIN A4, pencil drawing

 Siegtaldom, St. Laurentius.
DIN A4 pencil drawing


15 January 2010

It's just Ink and a little watercolor

Today I draw two miniature paintings, the first with ink and watercolor, the second only with ink. I like the second one more. Would appreciate your oppinion. Which one is your favourite and why do you prefer it?

ATC No. 16

ATC No. 17

14 January 2010

A little Sunflower

At first my consolation for the Tahitian. It is so far away from here, but I imagine it is horrible for the people staying there.
Hope they will get help soon.
This little Sunflower I painted yesterday. The kind answer of my request for permission came promptly. The copyright for the botanical picture is expired.

ATC No. 15

12 January 2010

Umbrella and poppies

My drawing studies are going on and I can see some progress.

Before I painted the umbrella I've drawn it 5! times with pencil on drawing paper. I think I will dream of it tonight :)).

The poppies I painted without any drawing, just paint on the paper and both at the same time. During one was drying, I painted on the other. It tooks me less than a half hour for both.  That was a great experience for me because I never thought I can do that!

Let me know your opinion, am I a star or not? :)))

Thank's for stopping by.


ATC No. 12, 13, 14
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11 January 2010

New ATCs and a New Blog - ATC Exchange Place

Yesterday  started a special blog for exchanging the Artist Trading Cards. What a great idea! If you want to join in, ask the admin for invitation. It's fun! Visit the ATC Exchange Place

Created three mini-artworks during some breaks from my drawing studies.

ATC No, 9, 10 and 11
Watercolor + Ink
(No. 10 is already given for another).
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03 January 2010

Murateri updated

Following Sladdi's comment concerning too much lightness of the hair, I darkened some shadows of the drawing. Hope it will work better now.

02 January 2010

This year starts with a drawing

Hi all!

First work in 2010 is a pencil and charcoal drawing of a nice japanese girl called murataeri. The photo was given under creative commons license from flickr member idua_japan. Thanks to him for the wonderful picture.

I selected this for a drawing because I love the glamourous but innocent look of that girl.

Klick here for the photograph

Hope you like it and also  my drawing. Enjoy!