12 January 2010

Umbrella and poppies

My drawing studies are going on and I can see some progress.

Before I painted the umbrella I've drawn it 5! times with pencil on drawing paper. I think I will dream of it tonight :)).

The poppies I painted without any drawing, just paint on the paper and both at the same time. During one was drying, I painted on the other. It tooks me less than a half hour for both.  That was a great experience for me because I never thought I can do that!

Let me know your opinion, am I a star or not? :)))

Thank's for stopping by.


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  1. You are a star ;-)
    Die Mohnblumen sehen bezauberd aus.
    Liebe Grüße

  2. In my opinion you are a star!
    Just a little star but a star.*lol*

    The umbrella looks great.

    The flowers are beautiful watercolors.

    My english is horridly.

    Best wishes


  3. Thank you very much, Elsbeth and Sladdi!

    Sladdi your English is good, no doubt!

  4. Hi Star Jutta! I like your ATCs; they're fun. The work you did on the umbrella shows; you have great shapes and colors. The poppies are festive!

  5. Thanks for your nice comment, Peggy. I'll try to place a comment at your blog again. Hope I'll come through.

    It's fascinating to follow your progress!