15 January 2010

It's just Ink and a little watercolor

Today I draw two miniature paintings, the first with ink and watercolor, the second only with ink. I like the second one more. Would appreciate your oppinion. Which one is your favourite and why do you prefer it?

ATC No. 16

ATC No. 17

14 January 2010

A little Sunflower

At first my consolation for the Tahitian. It is so far away from here, but I imagine it is horrible for the people staying there.
Hope they will get help soon.
This little Sunflower I painted yesterday. The kind answer of my request for permission came promptly. The copyright for the botanical picture is expired.

ATC No. 15

12 January 2010

Umbrella and poppies

My drawing studies are going on and I can see some progress.

Before I painted the umbrella I've drawn it 5! times with pencil on drawing paper. I think I will dream of it tonight :)).

The poppies I painted without any drawing, just paint on the paper and both at the same time. During one was drying, I painted on the other. It tooks me less than a half hour for both.  That was a great experience for me because I never thought I can do that!

Let me know your opinion, am I a star or not? :)))

Thank's for stopping by.


ATC No. 12, 13, 14
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11 January 2010

New ATCs and a New Blog - ATC Exchange Place

Yesterday  started a special blog for exchanging the Artist Trading Cards. What a great idea! If you want to join in, ask the admin for invitation. It's fun! Visit the ATC Exchange Place

Created three mini-artworks during some breaks from my drawing studies.

ATC No, 9, 10 and 11
Watercolor + Ink
(No. 10 is already given for another).
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03 January 2010

Murateri updated

Following Sladdi's comment concerning too much lightness of the hair, I darkened some shadows of the drawing. Hope it will work better now.

02 January 2010

This year starts with a drawing

Hi all!

First work in 2010 is a pencil and charcoal drawing of a nice japanese girl called murataeri. The photo was given under creative commons license from flickr member idua_japan. Thanks to him for the wonderful picture.

I selected this for a drawing because I love the glamourous but innocent look of that girl.

Klick here for the photograph

Hope you like it and also  my drawing. Enjoy!