05 January 2011

Let's Party, Let's Cook!

Fantasie compositions, both 21 x 28 cm, painted with watercolor and chinese in.

'Let's party!'

'Let's cook!'

Have fun!


  1. They're both gorgeous - but "Party" speaks to me the loudest :)
    Beautiful work!

  2. They are beautiful and fun, but I prefer the "Party".

    Jutta good!


  3. Hi Jutta, Wonderful watercolors! I think the strong colors make "Let's Party" stand out; festive! It sort of reminds me of a Morandi painting with color! I like the shapes of your painting "Let's Cook".

  4. Jutta, I just came here to say: your work is terrific, I really appreciated it! You're talented, proficient, and the most important thing I figure - so sensitive into capturing images from your/our (deep down or concrete) reality and by converting them into amazing color and shape perceptions of it...

    Congrats on your great work, dear! These are sincere words of enchantment from a Brazilian art appraiser who just got so delighted with all I see until now coming from a sensitive look by you!

    Cheers! :)

    Carol P. - Melinda - Theartbrazil

  5. Jutta, thanks for stopping by my blog:) I'm really enjoying your work. It is indeed fun and whimsical. My husband is in the U.S. Air Force and we lived in Germany for a few years (Ramstein AFB). It was my favorite place to live.